Pokémon Go Book Tag

I wasn’t tagged to do this, but it looked like so much fun, and I love Pokémon.
This tag was created by Antee @ Read at Midnight ALL GRAPHICS WERE CREATED BY HER.


  • Link back to my blog is appreciated but optional. Feel free to use my graphics. Tag people, don’t tag people, whatever. Just have fun!


Oh goodness, I don’t even know.  I know that the Dr. Seuss books were my favorite when I was little.  I’m not sure the specific one.  So I’m just going to go with his books in general.



Call of the wild by Jack London, it was one of the first books I read on my own as a kid, and I still remember it so vividly.



I can’t think of any.  Seeing a book everywhere doesn’t really make me lose interest, I have to not like the book.



A dog’s purpose.  A lot of books that are centered around a dog, tend to have a similar storyline. But you know, I’m a sucker for books with dogs in them, so I love them even if they all are a bit similar.



Stephen King books.  I love his books when I read them, but books like under the dome, it’s intimidating.  But I will get to them, I swear.



Current book I’m reading, The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons.  This book is heartbreaking, and infuriating; I’m loving every minute of it.



Scarlet and wolf.



Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff



Percy Jackson.



The host by Stephenie Meyer.  For such a large book I ate it up in a short amount of time.  I almost didn’t pick it up because I didn’t like Twilight, but I absolutely loved this book.



The Song of Ice and Fire Series.  I have read Game of Thrones and I really want to finish reading the books that are out.


Pokemon-Tag15Mew-MewTwoThe Harry Potter Series with the spines that look like Hogwarts.



I don’t know of any right now.



Rick Riordan, Marissa Meyer, Paula Hawkins, Kendare Blake.




A Reaper at the Gates ( the 3rd book in the Ember Quartet) By Sabaa Tahir.



anyone who wants to do it.  If you do it let me know and I will check it out.  I love reading the answers that other people put down for tags.

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